FHIF Model


Vision Statement:

The Vision of FHI Federation is to end all types of hunger through jointly coordinated actions of its members.


The Essence of FHI Federation is officially encapsulated in:

The Statutes

The Network Design

FHI Federation Covenant

Ten Operational Principles


1. Organizational Structure:

  • Decentralized as an open federation following Kingdom Structure
  • Members served as an Elders Council to maximize networking
  • Accept God as Center of our structure, discern in the Spirit what God wants and walk in step with Christ.


2. Governance:

  • Self governance for all members
  • Free to collaborate among members
  • Principle of appealing to one another
  • Time and space to consult


3. Management Functions:

  • EEC (Executive Elders Council) coordinates EC decisions
  • Communicates with and guides members
  • Consensus to develop Kingdom Lifestyle as our corporate identity
  • Specialists sharing expertise and training incarnational workers
  • Members manage own operational structure



Our Members Sites

AFHI Bangkok Grace Beautiful Mind Charity Canaan Farmer School Centro Educativo Ichthus Cristhian Television System Coffee Meal Crisis Relief Services & Training Family Life Network FHI Costa Rica FHI Malaysia Givers Funds Gospel Medical International Good Samaritan Ministries Gusenghwe Inc. Hands of Love Philippines Foundation Iraono Nifaeri Foundation IRDF JIFH JIFH - Hands of Love KFHI Literacy and Evangelism Ohana Foundation Rainbow Childrens Foundation Samaritan Strategy Shalom International Ministries Stop Hunger Now Super High Touch Team and Team Intl. Tokyo Cristhian Institute TFHI Vision of Comunity Fellowship World Medical Relief