Procedure for Membership


1. Study online (preferably with an existing member of FHIF) the following:

  • FHIF Statutes
  • FHIF Covenant
  • Conditions set by Elders Council (Attached: Lausanne Covenant, Motions, 10 Operational Principles)
  • Select the kind of membership you wish to apply: National Partner (NP), VOC-Partner (VOC-P) or Country Partner (CP).


2. Fill in the Written Commitment online. (If the legal registration document is in another language, a brief translation to English of the most essential items will be enough for our record). The Nomination Committee will decide on your application.


3. When accepted. you will be requested to go through a 1-day FHI Federation & VOC Training to understand the vision of a community (VOC), our shared identity. This is done 1-day before the Elders Council (EC).


4. Attend the Elders Council (EC) where Members meet up, speak up and work together as a family. You will be asked to do a 10 mins. power point presentation on how your organization share the same vision as FHI Federation and to interact with us.


5. You will be invited to sign on behalf of your organization ath the EC Covenant Signing Ceremony and receive a copy of the Covenant. We will pray & rejoice together with FHIF members.


Our Members Sites

AFHI Bangkok Grace Beautiful Mind Charity Canaan Farmer School Centro Educativo Ichthus Cristhian Television System Coffee Meal Crisis Relief Services & Training Family Life Network FHI Costa Rica FHI Malaysia Givers Funds Gospel Medical International Good Samaritan Ministries Gusenghwe Inc. Hands of Love Philippines Foundation Iraono Nifaeri Foundation IRDF JIFH JIFH - Hands of Love KFHI Literacy and Evangelism Ohana Foundation Rainbow Childrens Foundation Samaritan Strategy Shalom International Ministries Stop Hunger Now Super High Touch Team and Team Intl. Tokyo Cristhian Institute TFHI Vision of Comunity Fellowship World Medical Relief